To begin, the overall story is absolutely AMAZING. This book is revolutionary in so many ways from it's diverse cast to the thrill seeking story line. It kept me on the edge of my page and was such a page turner. Her inclusion is beyond that of any book (that I've ever read). By making... Continue Reading →

Heart Rot

The roots of a tree ingrained in the soil.Reaching-- searching-- for nourishment and support. Just as I search for the same myself. Not only in my surroundings but in everything that i do. Anxiety can overrun your life. Like Heart Rot to a tree, anxiety enters through wounds-- holes in the persona. The Rot invades... Continue Reading →


A calm day spent inside. An uneventful weekend together with my love. This is just a short blog update. My next post will be tomorrow and more content related but I wanted to let you guys see that sometimes there will be long posts or sometimes there will be short posts.  Whichever posts you enjoy,... Continue Reading →

Shooting Star

To Define: /SHo͞odiNG stär/ [verb] - To streak from one place to the next. Of course, the definition is purely fictional, but isn't all of language? Just to clarify why I created this definition-- I have jumped from Instagram to Tumblr to Youtube to Twitch and now to WordPress. Although, to be fair, this should... Continue Reading →

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