Shooting Star


To Define: /SHo͞odiNG stär/ [verb] – To streak from one place to the next.

Of course, the definition is purely fictional, but isn’t all of language? Just to clarify why I created this definition– I have jumped from Instagram to Tumblr to Youtube to Twitch and now to WordPress. Although, to be fair, this should be referred to as ‘Full Moon.’ As a shooting star, I seem to be stuck revolving around a planet. Stuck in the gravitational pull that is social media.

Currently, I have found myself with a plethora of free time that can only be spent looking busy. So, writing will be my only solace. This blog will dictate my daily life, my adventures, the many books I read, and their reviews to follow.

I can only assume while I hand-write these posts, that I will receive the repetitious question, ” Are you writing a book?” To which I will answer the truth only to you: I do hope to one day write a book. Perhaps within the pages of this blog I may be able to reach a small dream of mine.

I hope this post will suffice for my introduction. For now I will leave this post with the typical ASL: 23. Female. NYC.

Thank you to those reading and farewell till the next post.


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