27HoursTo begin, the overall story is absolutely AMAZING. This book is revolutionary in so many ways from it’s diverse cast to the thrill seeking story line. It kept me on the edge of my page and was such a page turner. Her inclusion is beyond that of any book (that I’ve ever read). By making the Cis person almost nonexistent, Tristina created a world focused only on LQBTQ teens. This is, of course, totally unique and different in a book considering how many main characters she had (going on 6). This books aim was to give representation of people in the LGBTQ community in an actual book with scifi and fantasy not the usual romance novel that were always thrown about.

Now that I have summarized this book, I will go on to the actual review of it! And to start, I like to get the worse over and the best later ❤

A Few Downsides

This book was great, don’t get me wrong, but the one thing I really had a problem with was Delivery. In the introduction and at some points during the book as well.

For Example:

********SPOILER COUNTRY*******

One of the characters is in a really heated conversation with his mothers and just spouts out how he is an Ace and therefore would never have sex. If he had stated this during a casual talk, I would not have had a problem with it. To me, it seemed sort of sudden and not really needed since he stated it again a few pages later while talking to Rumor.

The next small problem I had was with the character Yi-Min. Tristina decided to use They, Them, and Their as Yi-Min’s pronouns– which is super duper awesome– but she never introduced it. The book is written in third person so when she switched the pronoun for a few sentences it was really cool but she never had Yi-Min mention this. I just wish their had been some sort of conversation regarding this transition. Even someone mistakenly calling them a he/she and they commenting on it. But you know what, she could have done it. I may have missed it but, from my perspective, it was never mentioned. And for one whole page it switched to the pronouns which, in turn, threw me off entirely.

So, that was all I really had to say besides Nyx leaving her hearing aids for the whole movie and not being able to hear XD

The Upside of Things

The mystery in this book had me gripping for what twists and turns would be thrown next. Halfway through the book everything looked so fine and dandy that I had started to think the rest was going to turn into a romance novel. Thank god for that thought because the action continued and the book was such a wonderful work of art I am so happy to have been able to not only read it but also to have gotten the author’s signature.  It just sucks that end is more a lead on to the next book with a sort of cliffhanger type ending. But it mostly just built up all of the questions and left nearly all of them hanging.

I must say though, my all time favorite part of the book didn’t even have to do with the amazing book, it was the chapter pages! Each page had a background of the cover of the book. The moon with what looks like a city inside. It was such a gorgeous addition to the book that I looked forward to every chapter just to see this page.

Alright, I believe that I have gone on long enough. I just wanted to write a thorough enough review that everyone would benefit. Now, go out there and get educated!

– Purplemanatees


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