The Book Club


I am in a Book Club

Only two people are in it.

One of my best friends and I have been reading the same books ever since Bookcon. But, there’s a problem. We are eating our books way too quickly! We are already in need of a trip to Strand Bookstore. One of us always finishes before the other so we respect each other and wait patiently. I have never met someone with such a love for books until I met my friend. And having someone to share these books and these feels with is an experience like no other.

I’ve always been a loner, especially back in middle school. I would always be that one nerd with the book– whether it was a novel or a manga. Regardless, I always carried one of them on me. Once finished, I never had anyone to discuss things with (not including the manga lol I had plenty of weeb friends). In recent times, I had found myself reading less and less. Only when on the subway or on vacation to the beach.

Until Bookcon, I then found out that she wanted nothing more than to go as well! We collected so many ARCs and purchases that day I never knew it was even possible!

Now, in between work and the house, I try to read as much as possible.

I mean, think about how many books there are in the world. How many stories you are missing out on. Stories that are just waiting to be discovered!

Well guys,

I’m going to discover them all


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