[REVIEW] Before The Fall


A Review

I first received this book while attending Bookcon. It was being given out at one of the booths and after celebrating my loot, I realized that I had a published copy! Not just an ARC but the actual finished book. My happiness for this accomplishment made it one of the books I had most looked forward to reading.

But, alas. This book’s ending just really just fell flat. The whole tone of the book is pretty much, “Things aren’t always what they seem.” When misconception after misconception kept happening, it began to reveal the overall message of the book.

I do have to admit, I skipped around a lot in this book. I found myself glancing over pages with irrelevant characters and the POV being switched to a large amount of people. Of course, the author,Noah Hawley, simply wanted the reader to view the thoughts of each character but a lot of times, the character switch and single page chapter just felt like filler and were not required.

If you’re looking for a book to read on the beach and with a mystery end, this is your book. It is definitely a 2 day beacher or a 7 day ‘work week’ read. I do have to admit, the beginning is quite well written and captivates you. But by the middle, I ended up not being able to bring myself to read. I eventually pulled myself out one night with the will to finish this book and move on. So I did.

Now, I am going to go into a whole lot more detail.

If you have read the book, follow me below the READ MORE extension

I am NOT going to be making a positive and negative separation for this book. Simply because I could not rationally think out those differences. Instead, I merely wish to discuss the ending of the book.

So the overall theme is, “Things are not always what they seem” and “Don’t jump to conclusions.”

With the backstory of the two men being big wigs and getting into some trouble, they hyped up the reason for the plane going down to likely have to do with it. In relation the author showed Scott being hyped up as some sort of gold-digger. When at the end, neither of these things were true, I thought that was a pretty interesting theme but not a very good delivery.

With an obsession between a man and a woman who denies him ultimately bringing down the plane, I cannot help but wonder why we had to hear their entire backstory before finally revealing this unsatisfactory end.

Perhaps the author was sending a message but honestly, this was not a very good read to me.

Well, that is all for my review. Catch you on the flip side ;D



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