[REVIEW] Two Days Gone

two days

A Review

To begin, hello and good day to all of you! Today was pretty good for me and I hope it was for you as well.

Now, jumping in to the review of this book. When I bought this book I was really grabbed by the title and it felt so mysterious. Taking this book just felt right. Once I finally decided to read the book I discovered the “A Ryan DeMarco Mystery.” When greeted with this, I felt disappointment in the fact that I would probably not understand many of the references written. Luckily, it turns out that this is the first book in the “series” based on this character.

Moving on to the actual story. The beginning was a bit slow but very intriguing. It begins with a teacher named Thomas Huston who pretty much murders his whole family in the night and runs away. Ryan DeMarco is the chief policeman on the case and is a friend of Thomas. Wrought by the suddenness of the incident, Ryan makes it his goal to research every lead he can find.

The mystery is quite good and the ending throws in some crazy twists~ My only real negative view of the character, was he was more of a renegade cop who breaks literally every law, follows no protocol, and barely gets in trouble at the end.

The characters in the book are actually quite basic aside from the main ones. With Thomas being an English teacher, there were a lot of literary elements thrown in as well. Mostly, Edgar Allen Poe poems.

Also, the title of the book. It was never clear to me and I finished the book with confusion. After some research, I found that after Thomas had killed the family and ran, it took two days for them to find the bodies.

And, with regards to Edgar Allen Poe and the title, some people believe that Poe was found 2 days after his death and that these are tied together. According to the wiki, this is not true.

“[Poe] was taken to the Washington College Hospital, where he died at 5 a.m. on Sunday, October 7.”

My birthday ❤ A wonderous occasion.

This book is also a really thick read so do prepare for at least a 3 day beach read or 7 day regular read. Maybe 8.

For those curious this took 3 days off of work for me to complete so I definitely had to take quite a few hours.

Well, ta ta for now! I hope you all enjoyed this review and feel free to message me with anything you wish to discuss



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