[REVIEW] Three Dark Crowns

A Short Intro

To begin, Three Dark Crowns is a wonderous read for anyone interested in fantasy and young adult. The story revolves around three triplets who are destined to kill each other with only one becoming queen. The three girls, Katharine, Mirabella, and Arisinoe, all belong to an island where “gifts” are given to different people. Poisoners can withstand even the deadlest poisons, Naturalists can communicate with animals and plants as well as have their own familiar, and Elementalists can control, well, the elements. 

The three queens each have these abilities and fight for the right to be named queen. Of course, many adventures happen and these girls grow to learn more about themselves and the island around them than any who have known before! 

Do note: This book is not a standalone book. The end only introduces the second book so to read the overall story you will need to purchase book 1 and 2 

My One Problem

Is the love triangle that constantly keeps popping up. Personally, the character is just a genuine jerk at this point and is one of the reasons I may not even read the second book. His constant existence impede da on the overall story between the girls but of course it is necessary for what the author is going for. 


This story is an amazing read and I couldn’t wait to start reading it every time I had to put it down! The ending is also worth noting that is is one of the best book ends I’ve ever read. Even though the end only introduces the second book it is still a great read. 

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  1. I hated the love triangle too in this book. I am still going to read the sequel to find out what happens but I do agree with you.


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