[REVIEW] The Sinner


The Sinner

To begin, this book is quite triggering. It isn’t a psychological thriller for no reason. The Sinner by Petra Hammesfahr is not for the feint of heart. The story begins with Cora, the main character, going out to a day on the beach. She had planned to kill herself this day but for some reason, the outcome changed. Instead she found herself stabbing a man to his death and now being sent to jail. The mystery begins to unravel as the detective interviews her and so begins the story of Cora Bender.

The book has alot of back and forth dialogue so when reading, you need to read every word to really understand what she is saying. It is a mystery afterall and you’re part of the help finding out the truth.

A few cons (Spoilers ahead)

[SPOILER] To me, the story felt repetitive and i thought the end result would have been quite different. To be honest, her sister dying in that way felt like just a wow factor and didnt really go with the flow. I understand she wanted it to seem like it never was COra that was bad but in the end it was the sister but I never got that sign except in the end like oh hey i actually did it all for my sister.

I also felt that the middle was quite lacking. And those names of tiger and billygoat were killing me I just wanted them to stop being mentioned but it turns out they were actually the truth.

As for the doctor just treating her in his own household, he really shoudve just dumped her off at a hospital and be done with her. Left town ya know?

Of course this is just my awful opinion.

In Short

I thought it was a great book overall and that opening scene really had me hooked. I just ended up binge reading it in 4 days just to get it over with. I actually had this book lent to me by a fellow book lover who wanted me to read it as well. I did enjoy it overall and I really look forward to watching the show (when it’s finished of course. I am not about to watch it weekly). Pretty sure that sentence structure is totally incorrect but #NoRagrets

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope to see you in the next review! ❤


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