[REVIEW] The Dragonet Prophecy

In the first book of the “Wings of Fire” series, we are introduced to five teenage dragons. Bound by the words of a prophecy, the five were raised in seclusion. Obviously, the eventually escape and begin their journey about said prophecy.

This book is highly reminiscent of the Warriors cat books. I was quite into those as a young teen and I feel these books are right up that alley. Upon further research, the author was one of the writers in the “Erin Hunter” writing alias.

I won’t bother going into a positives and negative section since this book is written for preteens so harsh criticism is not necessary.

In my opinion, the book was superbly written and the plot was very fast-paced. The grammar is subpar but that is fine. Altogether, I feel that this would be a great series to read in the future!

-Purplemanatees out

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