[REVIEW] Frozen: The Broadway Musical

I finally saw it you guys! The Frozen Broadway Play!

Anyone who disliked the movie Frozen should be open to seeing the musical. So much more info is included in the play. More backstory to the sisters, the romances, more on their feelings for each other and the scenes are so so powerful!

There is one scene where Elsa puts her glove back on and is “magically teleported” to the celebration. Your attention is distracted in all the right parts.

As for the merch, they had a limited edition coat but there were only smalls left. No way I could get one. I did buy the enamel pin, of course.

Overall, I want to everyone to know how great this play was! They added so much depth to each character and even gave Oaken his own song! (Sorry, small spoiler!)

Thank you all,


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