[REVIEW] Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda


First of all, this was a very quick read. It took me about two days to complete and the story just sucked me in. This book is about Simon, a junior who is gay. This story is about his coming out and finding love. Moreso toward a person he only speaks to via email.

I’m just going to jump right into my sections now


And here we are.

My main problem was the constant reference toward “the Tumblr.” I’m pretty sure thy meant it to mean “The Tumblr Page,” but reading it just made me cringe. That’s like saying “the Facebook.”

My next negative was this Martin guy. I felt he was there just as an extra unneeded character. This story had a lot of random characters and references but this one took the cake for me.

Now on to the better.


I absolutely love who Blue is. That is all I’m going to say without giving too much away. I mean, if you’re reading a review you want a little better idea of a book before you read it.

Let me tell you that the ending of this book was great. I loved this ending so much. You knew all the ends were going to wrap up but this was quite nice. You have something nice to look forward to.

To summarize

Gosh, this feels too much like a school book report, but it is needed.

This book was a great one shot and I quite look forward to seeing the movie!

If you guys have any book suggestions you want me to review, please let me know! I’m all ears!



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