[REVIEW] The Golden Compass


This adventure is about Lyra and her dæmon Pantalaimon. To begin, Dæmons are an extension of the human soul which take the form of an animal. They have the ability to transform into any animal until they settle on one in the beginning of puberty. This is such a unique idea that the story revolves around this. Lyra begins in Jordan College and her life gets turned upside like any other book.

Do note, the beginning is thick. I honestly suggest just skimming until you get past that intro. Not a lot of it was needed information except that Lyra runs around on the streets with the gyption boys and her best friend Roger!

I saw the movie a long time ago so as a I read I would remember little snippets of it. I remember a lot of people hated the movie but honestly I feel it helped me put a face to each character, especially Mrs Coulter.

This book was a thick read but I became so enthralled with the climaxes that I finished it in 4 days.


Loved Iorek. He was one of my favorite characters. Lyra won him over greatly and I believe he was a great protector toward Lyra.

Pantalaimon and the whole dæmon culture was a great aspect of this movie and gave insight to such a niche evolution in humans.


The ending was just an intro to the next book. It finished up with the big reveal about Lyra’s parents and I just felt that Lord Asriel’s character was a let down. Now I know that was the point but dang we just threw him off the deep end!

The Dust Particle details should have been given in the beginning rather than later on. I thought it was quite silly we had to wait till the end of the book when it was something being discussed throughout it that I feel could have been conveyed better even in the actual explanation!


I thought this book was great and I might read the second one I’m not sure. The mystery does prevail and I am quite curious about how everything is going to come together with this “Dust” and the like.

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  1. Welcome to the series of His Dark Materials. This is one of my all time favourite reads and I read it not long after its release (and had to wait for the third book for what felt likes ages.) To others coming to the series for the first time I wouldn’t recommend skipping the beginning/ introduction – it tells us more about Lyra, her spirit and her connection to those around her. This will pay off later in the book and series. I’m looking forward to reading what you think of the next 2 books.

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    1. Yes! I do plan on reading the next book but probably not for a while since I have so many books on my TBR! I’m so happy you enjoyed it that much though! I remember seeing the movie a long time ago and getting into it then but that intro turned me away from the book then. I’m so glad I read it and I’m excited to see what comes next

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      1. I had issue with the movie too. Good news is there is hopefully going to be a TV series based on the books which will be more accurate. I look forward to reading your review when you do get to read Book 2 – and I hear you about the TBR. Enjoying your blog 🙂

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