[REVIEW] Crown of Midnight


This is the second book in the Throne of Glass series. If you made it through the first book, I congratulate you on getting through that long intro. This is the story you were waiting for. The action you were longing. All of it was jam packed and ripe for the reading.

I bought this book via Amazon kindle because I bought the first on there and couldn’t stand having an incomplete collection!

Celaena really stepped up her game this book. In the first you were merely introduced to this assassin who suddenly has two love interests and is kinda OK at fighting. But no, this book reveals all and packs quite a punch.

The One Thing I Disliked

The way that Celaena was able to turn against Chaol so fast. Like all that love that had been building up just thrown out in an instant. I know she became feral and attacked him out of anger but the fact that she wasn’t remorseful at all just didn’t make sense to me.

Other than that, this book was all that and a bag of chips!!

From the magic beginning to show itself more, to the introduction of Witches. This book had all the oomph you could hope for. There was romance, heartbreak, action, and tragedy. All smooshed into one.

And that ending.


I knew this was coming but damn I wasn’t ready for it’s delivery. I loved every second of reading this that I finished it in three work days! That’s a hard one for me since they were all 8 hour shifts 😦 ALAS! I succeeded and promptly purchased the third book right after. I’m trying to give myself some time in between books to finish other ones to help keep me motivated to finish those.

To Conclude:

I really loved this book and the Throne of Glass series is a great read if you’re looking for an awesome female lead who really is bad-ass.

Thanks for reading, homies


Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass)


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