[REVIEW] The Girl On The Train


I finally decided to join the hype! I found this book in my mom’s ‘library’ and gave it a try. This book is a mystery thriller about a girl named Rachel who sees something she shouldn’t have. The story unfolds revealing murder, cheating, and Rachel’s excessive drinking problem. This book had the same feel as the book, The Sinner.

It took a while for me to really get into this book but once I was hooked, it took me a half a day to finish half the book.

Oh No’s 

One thing I dislike about “Adult” fiction is the over-description of everything. Her backstory does not need to span over X amount of pages containing constant descriptions. In addition, the mysteries go back and forth a little too much in these books.

Also, I’m really not a big fan of cheating. To me, cheating is just not cool and shouldn’t be such a regular thing as it is in this book. It’s almost as if it is the norm in this society.

The Yay’s

I loved so many different aspects of this book. The memory loss and the random facts about Megan’s life slowly being revealed. The mystery of it all had me so enamored that I read half the book in one night

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

The Girl on the Train

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