[REVIEW] Obscura

This book opens with a great opening scene. We are introduced to Gillian, a neural radiologist, who gets swept up with NASA. She then goes on to discover not everything in space is as it seems. This book will test the boundaries of what human kind can be capable of. A thriller definitely worth reading.

I obtained this book by winning a giveaway on Goodreads. I have the Kindle version which allowed for easy binge reading.

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Obscura would make an awesome video game. It should start out on the ship with Gillian having her withdrawal. That would be so cool to play and the bonding Gillian has with the crew members remind me of having to “bond” with other characters. Or maybe I’ve played one too many Persona games.

What a great book had me hooked just wondering what will happen next

Oh Nos

*Spoiler Warning*

How did none of the fifty -five other crew members try to escape to earth? If this teleportation device had four options with people using this device hundreds of times, how did they not explore them? Or are they all on this ship of Ander’s? Just a small plot hole I found slightly annoying or needing a bit of answer to.

*End spoiler*

What a great end to this book, though. I was so satisfied that I was taken on this journey with a complete ending. Everything came together so well together in the end. The beginning may be a little tough but i believe you guys can make it through it! Just wait till she gets in space! It’s worth it.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.


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