[REVIEW] Queen of Shadows


This is book 4 of the Throne of Glass series. There is no way to avoid spoilers since at this point the plot is mainly about character development.

You have been warned.

Queen of Shadows was a great fourth book to what could have been the end. Of course, it wasn’t but it was a great full circle journey that I was looking for. Everything from the first book came through and I loved revisiting everything in the series.

Continuing on, I will be listing what I don’t agree with in the story and the things that kept me going through this long and perilous journey.

Oh nos

See, I thought that Rowan and Aelin’s relationship was already established to be completely platonic friendship. So when Aelin started flaunting herself around, and the inevitable hook up, of course I very appalled. I had hopes Rowan would be a strong brother figure but of course that was Aedion’s role. It was all just wishful thinking.

No, I’m so angry Rowan and Aelin got together! I loved Chaol and Aelin so much I can’t stand Rowan! He is just so boring. Oh wow you can breathe wind and stuff. So impressive. Forgive me for my opinions.

I also need something cleared up for me. All magic in Adarlan was stopped, correct? So how was the Valg Prince able to use magic? And how was Dorian’s magic able to show itself? I might have just missed this explanation but this really confused me and kinda bugged me a little.

One more thing. How many Valg princes are there? What, is it some type of hoard mother queen that just keeps pooping out these demon princes to flounce around in other realms? Just seems a little weird to me.


Manon and Abroxas’ story keeps getting more interesting and at this point, I find them more comforting than Aelin’s constant flirtation with each man.

I, too, crave a little ‘womanly companionship’ and Lysandra’s character was absolutely perfect. My favorite quote in the entire series had me cracking up. Here, let me share it with you.

At dawn, Aedion had burst in, demanding why they weren’t ready to leave—to go home. Lysandra had shifted into a ghost leopard and chased him out. Then she returned, lingering in her massive feline form, and again sprawled beside Aelin. They managed to get another thirty minutes of sleep before Aedion came back and chucked a bucket of water on them.

And finally,

I believe it is safe to assume I will be taking a long break from this series. I was satisfied with the ending and the stress this book gave me was enough for a lifetime. Also considering I took a peek at the length of the next one. HA, that’s not happening for a long time! That book is thicker than a bowl of jelly.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass)

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