[REVIEW] Remembrance

This was a sweet short story about self-discovery and to not always assume the worst. Remembrance by Mary Monroe follows Beatrice Powell and her mid life crisis in a way. She finds that she is bored in life and seeks comfort in the homeless shelter she volunteers at. When she begins questioning her marriage, her journey takes a deeper turn and Beatrice struggles to find her way.

I got this book as an ARC at Bookcon. On Sunday, we rushed out of the queue line with desire to stand in any and all lines we see. Lo and behold on the tables in front were multitudes of this book just chilling there. Calling my name! Of course, I scooped them up.

One problem I had with the book was that every mother was called mama. This led to some confusion between whether mama had referred to Beatrice or her mother. Another problem was that Beatrice was a little too friendly with every person she met. To me, no one is that nice or outgoing.

Altogether, this was a quick read and it is a great grab-and-go book! I really suggest picking this up if you see it. Also, yes I know the journal says “Let’s Talk YA,” do not be mistaken. This is adult fiction/self-help.

Click the link below to purchase (pre-order) this lovely book in all it’s glory.


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    Thank you for taking time and liking my post 🙂 I am very intrested, can you elaborate on Bookcon? Is this some kind of event? I would love to read about that!


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