[REVIEW] Catching Stars

Cayla Keenan wrote the book Catching Stars and was blessed with having her book included in the May Owlcrate. I also saw the author at Bookcon and from what I could tell she was selling copies and signing them!

To begin: I feel this book really needed to be read one more time before publishing and that should be addressed. This author was great and you can tell she put her all into this story. 

Catching Stars is about Jayin, a witch who lives in the outskirts of the kingdom. Soon, her life becomes entageled with Maddix Kell, a guard who mysteriously goes on a killing spree after being posessed by another witch. The two must fight for their lives and later may have to rely on each other just to survive. This story has action, adventure, fantasy with magic and witches included. Also, there is no romance between the two which is so amazing and just a relief to see finally.

Oh No’s

The main problem I had was the editing. There were so many tiny misspellings, there was a paragraph break that never existed before, and some of the pages breaks were off. It just bothered me that such a complete book could’ve had so many mistakes (One was Jayin’s name).

Another thing that bothered me was the only quote they got for the series was both on the front and the back cover. Perhaps they just rushed the publishing but a different quote could’ve been used on the back or front. Although, the cover art is spectacular and honestly made up for the mistakes.

The final Oh No was the need for more detail. The world building needed more desciption. Also, there was a little too much action packed into this book that it all felt like too much filler. In addition, a glossary in the back for all of this random language.


Such a strong opening! I loved Kell’s introduction so much. It was a great way to introduce him and the Jayin followup was great as well. I was instantly sucked into this book and was sad to put it down.

As mentioned before, the lack of romance was amazing. I never felt a romantic pull between Maddix and Jayin and felt so happy when it ended without it.

Altogether, this is a great adventure. I would give this a solid 4 star rating simply because it did feel like way too much filler just to get to the end.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Catching Stars

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