[REVIEW] Your Soul Is A River

Look at how gorgeous this poetry book is! I obtained a copy of this from Bookcon. While walking the halls of the Javits, we stumbled upon yet another line. After getting in said line for this book we were then told we need to get other poets autographs first. This is obviously kind of awesome so we just hopped on over and got a postcard signed plus some stickers and the last Dropkick Romance pin. Nikita Gill, the author, was really sweet and had me looking forward to reading this book.

Oh No’s

The whole book was mostly about heartbreak. Now don’t get me wrong, this is only an Oh No for me. If heartbreak is really affecting you right now, pick this book up. The problem is, I confess, I’ve never broken up with anyone. So this may be a bias and perhaps a rare one but the constant mentions of this “misfortune” was not very interesting of a read. I understand how this has really affected Nikita in life but I feel there were so many more subjects to have been visited.

The poem themes were great but I feel more synonyms should have been used. Maybe I missed what the author was going for but I felt that themes like FIRE had so much more depth than simply the ashes from a breakup.


There were still many lovely poems in this book. One of my favorites was

Midnight thought

I hope you find someone

who knows how to love you

when you are sad

(Pg 130, Nikita Gill)

When Nikita wrote this collection, you can tell she put all of her emotions into her writing. Although, the theme prompt had to have helped her, I loved that idea of them too.

Altogether, this is a great poetry read and the author is so sweet. The book is currently on sale for 3.99 on amazon and I suggest absolutely hopping on this deal. Especially if you are going through some pain in your life.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Your Soul is a River

Catch ya on the next page ❤


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