[REVIEW] Labyrinth Lost

Another great book that I obtained at Bookcon. This time, I can’t place the exact moment I got this book, but I do know that it is a great fictional epic that should be read.

To begin, I love the representation in this book. The main character lives in NYC and this book really emphasizes what it is like living here. The main character is a Latina teen named Alex and is a bruja (Witch in spanish but better). Alex also seems to be Bi which is great because we finally have a realistic love triangle and I loved every second of it.

Magic runs in the family but Alex refuses to accept this. Her powers haven’t awakened and she refuses to believe she could even have powers, preferring the normalness of high school and regular life. Shirking her bruja responsibilities. she decides that magic is not the life for her and like any teen, rebels. Of course, this ends in chaos and their adventure to save Alex’s family begins.

Oh No’s

Rishi’s part in this book was very confusing. It felt very “Peter Jackson” and the idea that everyone in the vicinity of her life is actually connected in some way. I loved her inclusion in the triangle of friends and that she ended up having a larger part in the book than what she appeared to have. Rishi grew on my throughout the book but her character seemed a little all over the place.

Those beautiful gates in the title are never mentioned in the book. Only a labyrinth, a giant tree, forests, and many other places but never any gates which I was very sad about. But do look at how gorgeous that cover is! The green background really emphasizes those purples.


Latinx representation! Brooklyn Brujas says it all with representation of a finally Hispanic main character and her life as a bruja in NYC. Also the Bi- representation was greatly written.

Every name or Spanish dictation was followed by how to pronounce the word. Such a great inclusion detail and I loved that I could read the words exactly how the author wanted.

These are just teenagers and it was written as a great teenager epic. Another review mentioned this is exactly how the middle child of a family feels. As I am not one, I must wait for my sister to give this a read to let me know. This book was a work of art to read and it was reminiscent of a full Peter Jackson movie as said before.

I do recommend giving it a read and I am actually going to be investing in the second book myself! It continues with Lula being the main character and I cannot be more excited.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas)

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