[REVIEW] Maiden Voyage

Yet another score from Bookcon! This one is a Scholastic Advanced Readers Copy of a Titanic retelling.

Maiden voyage written by Sarah Jane follows three girls and their intertwining stories. Lucy is a girl from a wealthy family on their way to vacation in America, Abigail is their maid, and Isabella has just been sent on the ship by herself to start anew in the new land. These three girls embark on the Titanic, which we all know what ends up happening.

This is a great middle school book that is equally suspenseful and page-turning yet educational about the times. Showing the different classes and their dynamically different quarters really emphasized their historical time period. The inclusion of that along with the details of the titanic’s route and what actually happened after the crash into the iceberg were relatively accurate.

The only Oh No I had was the amount of luck that Abigail had was just way too much. She got away with everything and too many people were luckily on her side. But it is a middle school book so maybe it was just for convenience sake.

Other than that, the characters were quite thought out and I loved how fast paced the book was. It is short, only 247 pages, so it was a quick binge read for me. Do give it a buy if you can’t think of a simple present to buy for a younger cousin! I will supply a link below for a fast and easy amazon purchase just for your convenience sake 😉

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Maiden Voyage: A Titanic Story

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