Bridal Shower

On July 7th I had my Bridal Shower! It was so wonderful and I thank everyone for coming.

My mom prepared such wonderful food she did so much for me I can’t begin to thank her enough! From food to fun games, the Shower has it all!

From butter cream cupcakes with mini engagement rings to amazing party favors made by my sister! These features mini chocolates and Hershey’s kisses all wrapped up in a bag.

After eating their fill, we decided to play “Dress the Bride” with toilet paper! Each team was three people and they had four minutes to make a dress out of the toilet paper rolls! It was harder than it looked!

I think we know which one won but of course the other two were great tries! 😂

After the game, it was on to presents! Everyone will be getting their thank you cards sent soon(if I can find the addresses again).

I got so many wonderfully thoughtful gifts that I never thought I would ever receive. This included: a ceramic cat measuring cups, a triceratops taco holder, a toaster over, and a stand mixer! This is a whole new experience for me and I’m so happy everyone enjoyed this party and once again thank you to everyone who came! The wedding is a month away and I still have so much to do! 😨

Wish me luck, everyone!


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