[REVIEW] Good As Gone

Reading the synopsis, this book had me hooked. The first chapter, insta-hooked. The rest of the book, not so much. Good As Gone is a pyscho-mystery akin to that of gone girl in a way. Julie is a young girl taken from her home at a young age. Suddenly, nine years later, Julie appears again out of nowhere. But Julie is not who she seems. The story delves into family loss and the afters of these families.

To tell the truth, I did not enjoy this story as much as I wanted to. The beginning chapter was amazing but from there it just sort of went to an average plateau middle where I ended up skimming through most of the middle. The end was definitely satisfactory though! If you read this book, prepare for the battle, but relish in the end.

Oh No’s

The flashbacks to Julie were a little repetitive. I know we were just getting deeper and deeper into her past but I felt that they overlapped too much and were mostly just filler. They wanted to add on to her character but the author did not need to do so every other chapter.

I honestly just wanted to see how it ends. I ended up skimming through most of the fillers because I knew most of the information in there wasn’t going to give away her true character, it would only show her other sides.


The beginning had me so hooked. How did their daughter survive? Why did she live for so long against all odds? These questions intrigued me so much. Even though the book gets really monotonous in the middle, the ending maybe helps I’m not sure but I sure as hell hope it does

Other than that and maybe the ending, this book is a solid three for me. I did thoroughly enjoy the surprise at the end and I definitely wasn’t expecting the truth. If you just want a good mystery read with a surprise ending, then go no further!

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Good as Gone: A Novel of Suspense

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