[REVIEW] Artemis Fowl

What an interesting read! A kidnapped fairy. A boy and his bodyguard. An all new take on fairy tale creatures and how they have separated themselves from mankind. The main reason I began reading Artemis Fowl was that it was free for an Amazon sale. I had heard that this book was also being made into a movie(2019) so I was intrigued as to how good it was. Of course, it was quite a quick read but very entertaining throughout.

The only Oh No I had was that I disliked Cudgeon’s character. To me he was unneeded and honestly everything about this book worked except for his existence and random overtake of operations.

The points of view were switched with such ease that I was always entertained. It was so interesting to be able to see the same situation happen through another’s perspective. This was a great introduction to what seems like the Artemis Fowl book series and I might continue reading if I pick up another book on sale.

Also, just a random note, Artemis Fowl greatly reminds me of Ceil Phantomhive from Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). Perhaps Butler and Artemis’ relationship reminds me of that of Ceil and Sebastian.

Just a quick review, but I will catch you all on the next page!

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Artemis Fowl (new cover)

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