[BOOK REVIEW] The Unfinished World

From werewolf hunters to astronaut janitors, this book has it all. So many unique stories were held in this book of fiction. Many akin to poems and others a story of tragedy or love. The Unfinished World is a great read if you are looking for short stories to pass the time.

This book speaks a lot of death. Many stories end with it or even are just the general theme. Just a general warning but I personally enjoyed the book as a whole. It was unite unique and I believe the author succeeded in telling her stories.

Oh No’s

The title story, The Unfinished World, was one of my least liked stories. The switching of the main roles was weird. The back and forth between the stories just did not match up and Set’s character was more interesting than the girl’s. The ending left me even more confused. Maybe there was too much pressure with this being the main piece but I felt that it did not need to be such a long story.

I did not like how the dialogue was written with commas. The quotation marks did not exist and I know this was mostly for aesthetics but it was just overall confusing. There were quite a few instances that I had to reread a paragraph in order to understand what was going on.


I loved some of the stories so much. The taxidermist story was great and the Swan story resembled a Grimm’s Fairytale.

Some of the stories were so good I wish there were more to them! Like the werewolf hunters! What happened to the girls when they got older? Why did the dads train them but not the boys? And the astronaut janitor! I want her to communicate with her other astronauts. There were so many good stories and many had great endings too.

It was was a great collection of short stories. I was able to read one, then stop and take a break to clear my mind with ease. I’m definitely a sucker for short stories and novellas. The pages of the book were also rough cut and it felt so nice to touch. This also made for satisfying page turning.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

The Unfinished World: And Other Stories


This is another one for the books! I will catch y’all on the next page!


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