Surprise! I got married this past month and went off on a grand honeymoon to Aruba! We stayed at the Sea Tower at Holiday Inn. This hotel is located in the High Rise area of Aruba.

The island as a whole is only an hour drive from top to bottom (about 69 square miles). Therefore, it is very easy to explore this whole island within a week. We felt like we did it all in one day when we rented a UTV. Our main theme for our trip was food so we ate our way through Aruba and can tell you that the food is A+.

One such place was Hadicurari. The view was amazing and place right next to not only our our hotel, but also another restaurant called Moomba Beach. My husband got the Salami and melted cheese on a toasted bread (Super delish). I got the BLT with fries. Our favorite place (although no native to Aruba) was Texas De Brasil, a churascaria restaurant. This is when the waiters come around with cuts of meat and let you slice it right on to your plate. The salad bar and sangria were absolutely amazing too. We plan on visiting our local one here in NY.

On one of our last days, we rented a UTV and explored all around the Island. First, we went to Baby Beach. Residing on the other side of the island, this beach is known for its quite shallow beach and easy swimming.

We then went to the Arikok National Park. It is pretty much a desert with great offroading. With the giant windmills and many twists and turns be ready for an awesome time. We saw the Dos Playa wave pool and were stunned by it’s beauty (pictured below). But definitely Do Not Swim here. The rocks are sharp and those waves looked wicked.

Next we went to the Aruban caves! First was the Quadirikiri. This giant cave was super cool to explore and you even get to hang with a few bats! (pictured below) The next was the Fontein Cave which contained native drawings that are hundreds of years old. These limestone caves were amazing and at one, we learned of a secret river. At this river, you are able to stick your hand in and have fish eat the calluses off your fingers!

This was one relaxing trip. Expensive. But, relaxing. I wouldn’t recommend going there for more than a week but it doesn’t really matter when there is sun and it’s rays.

Catch you all later


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