[BOOK REVIEW] A Natural History Of Dragons

I have had my eye on this book for so long. But, I was on a book ban. Luckily, my husband took pity on me and let me buy it for our honeymoon! Now I read this amazing book on our balcony and can tell you how equally wonderful it is.

Written in what seems like the Victorian era, this autobiography belongs to Lady Trent. A woman of science who has to learn to take her stand in a male dominated world in order to pursue her dream of studying dragons. This is the more perfect synopsis that should be given to you if you wish to read this book. It was a great read although it did take me a while to read it because it wasn’t the most action packed of books. The writing was superb and it is written in a first-person view.

Oh No’s

On every chapter page there was a little summary that pretty much revealed everything that would happen in the chapter. It took all I had every page to not look at that top part and spoil everything for myself. I thought this as being not of a table of contents but as a constant major spoiler.

This book is advertised as dragons but know that there is a lot more to it. This is an introduction book so the real plot doesn’t start till halfway through. I enjoyed the way it was written but know that politics and natives have a lot more to do with this book than just dragons.


Umm, DRAGONS. This book has all things dragon and teaches you to go after your love for something with all your might.

Isabella is such a great character. The fact that’s it is written as an autobiography really helps push the story along. We learn everything about this woman and how her love for dragons came about. This novel also puts emphasis on what it was like to be a woman in the old days. Where women were not considered scholars but simple housewives.  Isabella, of course, is not that type. But she is smart and knows how to find her way. This story really helped show her true side and emphasized that we should all go after our dreams no matter the society norms.

Altogether, this is a great book but I wasn’t satisfied for a book that is literally about dragons. I’m going to continue on to the second book to see more of Isabella’s antics and to see how she fares in life. The book also never explains her name “Lady Trent” so that is unanswered as well. Cries.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent

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  1. I recommend continuing the series. It gets progressively more dragons with each book, but still plenty of politics and intrigue. And you’ll have to be patient about the Lady Trent part. It really does cover most of her life and career, and typically you aren’t given a land and title until you do something noteworthy.

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