[BOOK REVIEW] Frozen Perfection

Katherine is a Fae and one of the last of her kind. As many of us know, Fae are all-powerful. But, in this world they have one enemy. Palaens. These creatures are commonly known as Vampires and when a family of them move in, Katherine has to figure out how to survive. Not only that, but one of the Palaens seems to have struck a chord in her four hundred year old heart.

In short, this book akin to that of fan-fiction. A beginner novelist who is just learning the ropes of story telling. The authors heart is in the right place but there is a lot more to learn like pacing and writing. You can tell that the author self-published this book so we must not be too hard on our reviews. This is extremely courageous and the story was very well thought out as a whole.

Oh No’s

Katherine is known for her incessant clumsiness. Unfortunately, one thing was not clear and that was how she suddenly caught herself with her powers as if it was nothing. Why had she not done this before? Also, the effects of her clumsiness were a little too over the top although that seems to be the point of this story. And to note, they suddenly drop off the face of the Earth. As if she was never clumsy to begin with.

Why did they not leave the town and just run away together with their families. Nothing in this book gave off that they had to stay in this city with these other Palaens. Usually there is a back story of a significance to the town but with all these creatures hunting them, why not move like they’ve always done before?

The ending of this book was way off. Throwing in a cliffhanger in the last two chapters was not necessary. Especially something as brutal as what happened. I feel that the end should have been switched with the middle because all of that build up was just shattered half way through. The chapters were good but the book as a whole needed a little reworking.


Loved that the story continued past the drama of her “dream” and the discovery of her powers. It was great to read a second book in the first (in a way). Although, the end was slightly lacking in interest, the continued reading was great.

This is a fan fiction type of read so if you are looking for Vampire and Fae bonding, then look no further. If constant drama is your game, then this book is ripe of the picking!

The cover is gorgeous but just note that the Fae use elemental type magic but none use Ice, which is unfortunate. But that cover has so many pretty blues that I thought it would match up nicely with my other blue and white books (Pictured Above).

In summary, this is a very drama filled book with teenage love and constant misunderstandings (think younger Twilight). Vampires and Fae have to learn to work together and learn things about the others that they never knew before. I will not be getting the second book but would love to see what other series this author comes up with next.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Frozen Perfection (7 Kingdoms Book 1)

This book is actually on sale right now! Catch y’all on the next review!


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