Blog Updates!

I will officially be posting on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. I’m very confident now that I can keep up with this schedule and I’m hoping it will help me feel more successful in my every day life. Sounds corny? Yeah, oh well.

Next, I got married and might be moving out of the city next year! So once we get in a better place financially, I’m hoping to add more adventure blogs to the website! Let me know what you think and any places in NYC you want to be reviewed or explored.

I’m going to NYCC on Thursday(Shopping day), Friday(Anime Fest and Sonic-boombox after party), and Sunday(MY BIRTHDAY) in October. So, I plan on having a blog about each of those days so stay tuned for that as well!

Finally, I wanted to take this time and greet everyone who has followed me so far! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Catch you guys on the next page!


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