[BOOK REVIEW] Maid For Love

Title: Maid For Love
Author: Marie Force
Pages: 267
Genre: Romance, Love & Relationships, Contemporary
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

This is a romance novel (if you couldn’t tell by the traditional cover). Maid For Love is written as a “perfect romance” type story. Maddie is a single mother who has made a life for herself as a maid and daycare operator. One day, she hits a man with her bike and her whole life changes when he falls for her, hard.

This is an adult novel so warning for descriptive sex. I was honestly expecting over the top sex on every page but I was quite surprised. The book only had constant sexual tension, so thick you could cut it with a knife. The sex didn’t even happen till sometime later. and they only really did it three times.

Oh No’s

Everything in this story happens in literally the span of a week. This man puts instalove novels to shame. Mac McCarthy became infatuated with Maddie in record timing and I loved every second of it. This is also the dream of so many women so it isn’t too bad.

How deeply in love Mac became. This type of infatuation was so intense it almost seemed on the brink of obsession. His love for Maddie made him literally become a father overnight and he willingly dropped his whole life for her. But it was quite cute because he did find an equally satisfying life with her. The fact that he still would respect Maddie when anything would hurt her made up for it, too.


This was super cute and sweet book! This is one of those feel good romance novels where a single mother who has struggled her whole life is finally given a chance to be happy. It was such a great story and it had such a great ending.

I really loved the banter between the two main characters. Mac and Maddie’s back and forth was so witty and charming. The two really meshed together and fell into a good rhythm with each other.

I got this book from Bookcon this year and had it signed by the author. She seemed so sweet and has written many books for Gansett Island, the series of love novels this book belongs to. Apparently, the next one is about Mac’s sister and are slightly stand alone novels. I might be interested in buying the second book if I want another feel good novel.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Maid for Love (Gansett Island)

Catch y’all on the next page! ❤

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