[BOOK REVIEW] La Magnifique Grande Scéne

Title: La Magnifique Grande Scene
Author: Cuvie
Pages: 215
Genre: Slice of Life, Young Adult, Sports
Rating: 4 put of 5 Stars

A manga! I haven’t read one of these babies in so long! After realizing it’s not worth buying the translated versions of manga, I now stick to the cheaper Japanese ones when I can afford it. Unfortunately, that’s a rarity. I’ve also just been more into novels with full stories than quick page-turners with no completion.

But, I decided to enter this giveaway on goodreads to score one of these babies! It is a kindle version which made for easy reading and brought me back to my manga binging days.

This manga is about Kanade, a girl who goes to a ballet performance and becomes inspired. She follows in the footsteps of her neighbor, Risa, and together they work towards learning the art of ballet.

This manga covers all of the trials and tribulations that go into learning ballet. It’s not easy and this manga shows how much young people have to give these hobbies their all. The characters were really developed and each had their own personality, as well.

Unfortunately, the first book doesn’t really come to an end. I’m assuming this manga is usually published week-byweek in a magazine so the continued story is what they work towards, chapter by chapter.

Besides that, it was a cute slice of life story. This manga is incomplete so don’t purchase this with the intention of having a full story. But if you have any interest in the real world behind ballet, then have at it!

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.


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