September Owlcrate Unboxing

Great things have been happening in my life and I am finally able to get on the Owlcrate bandwagon again! 🙂 This is a 35$ a month subscription box. Catered to book readers, this box contains not only a signed hardcover book, but also 5-6 unique book themed items. This month’s theme was “Masters of Disguise.” Most of the things in Owlcrate boxes are quite ‘legit’ and not just cheaply made. I love supporting other creators so this box really delivers.

Obviously, if you haven’t received the box, please do not go on any further. It will be spoiled for you!

If this box interests you, please click the text if you are interested in purchasing.

First up, the 1 in 7, Harry Potter mug created just for Owlcrate. This is based on Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban and was  created by Cara Brown. This artwork depicts everything from the double decker bus to dementors flying in the sky. I feel the mug is much smaller than what I usually receive in boxes. But, I do love Harry Potter, so this will be acceptable.

The next items were a foaming bath soak made by Leeloo soaps. What a great company this is by the way. Please click away if you are interested in her more than adorable candles (which I thought we would receive but was slightly disappointed). This bath soak is titled Nemesis from The Diabolic.

Warm finger-less gloves met my gaze as I opened my box, sadness crept into my soul when I saw them. I have no use for gloves without fingers because I have very cold-sensitive extremities. Especially in the winter. Also, Owlcrate asked the Instagram community what they wanted and I voted for a scarf (perfect for the upcoming fall season). I will forgive them though because the buttons are of a raven and an owl so they still are very cute.

These two items were the cheapest and most unusable items for me. We received a lip balm that is apple mint scented. I don’t use lip balm so this is wasted on me. Loved the design on the balm though. Very intricate.

A tiny bottle of gold nail polish was encased with an advertisement for the book Grim Lovelies. There is a little preorder advert on there but I have no interest if anyone wishes to claim it for me.

Now, on to the Book of the Month! Mirage written by Somaiya Daud.  Extremely similar to the plot of The Diabolic. So much so, I messaged them to make sure it wasn’t. This novel is about a girl who disguises herself as royalty in order to survive. It is also based in space, which is very reminiscent.

The book cover is so absolutely gorgeous. Owlcrate kills it with the book choices and covers every time. They are always so pretty and this one is gold foil, too. I cant wait till the next box! October’s theme includes TWO hardcover books!

See you guys then!



10 thoughts on “September Owlcrate Unboxing

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  1. Does this subscription box cater to one specific genre of book? All of the items here seem “fantasy” based – not sure if that’s the theme of the month or what is generally expected from the subscription?

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  2. Aw how sad that you didn’t enjoy many of the items :/ I have to say that I’m in looove with that hp mug and apple-scented lip balm sounds like the dream. Hopefully the next box works better for you! I was subscribed to Fairyloot for a little while and I loved it, subscription boxes are great.

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