Title: Triumph: Taming the Monster Within
Author: Ingrid Kern
Pages: 166
Genre: Autobiography, Non-fiction, Sports
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

This is the autobiography of a woman going after everything she has wanted to do in life, including the Senior Olympics. Told through a series of journal entries, Ingrid Kern shows us how busy her life is and what sacrifices she had to make to get what she wanted. These journal entries take place over the span of five years and what Ingrid believed that she could accomplish and do during that time.

Oh No’s

I feel like this woman is trying to accomplish every single thing she has ever wanted to do. It’s the ultimate bucket list. She writes books, models, runs, finds love, gets face surgery, write self-help, the list goes on and on. I feel there is so much that she is attacking, the pain she feels could simply be from the amount of activity she is doing. This also felt like she jam packed every weird experience she had into this book as well.

The writing was a quite mediocre in places with LOL and OMG popping up at weird intervals. This woman’s audience seems to be aimed toward older adults but she seems to want to appease to the younger generation as well. The writing lacks a lot of grammar but tries to make up for it in story.

All-and-all is it a post by post journal. The writing is quite repetitive in that each day is similar to the day before. This woman literally writes everything that comes to her head and included it all in the novel. I felt some things could have been edited out or maybe more content could have been added. She also accomplishes her senior Olympic goal half way through the book and the rest is just about her working on her running and keeping her exercise up.


The inspiration in this story is wonderful. Age is just a number and just because you missed your shot in life once before does not mean you will miss it again. Good things come to those who wait. Second chances are absolutely possible.

Her writing is quite simple, as I said before. Which does make this book an easy read. It was really quick since it’s less than 200 pages. I definitely suggest this book if you feel stuck in a part of your life. Ingrid shows us that there will always be time to try something.

The story was exactly what you expect it to be. With a low cost publisher, the writing may not be perfect. Getting published is a fight in its own and at her age and with her accomplishments, she should fight for anything she wants. Including being an author. Therefore, this journal was published for herself and she did it.

Favorite Quote

“And when I think about it, life is a book. So why am I so opposed to having different chapter? Isn’t it much better to look forward to a better chapter instead of lingering in the old and depressing one?”

Pg. 72

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Triumph: Taming the Monster Within

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