September Book Haul

Very small Book Haul this month. Most of them I have already devoured. But, I just wanted to show you all that most of the books I read, I already own. They are mostly all from Bookcon or NYCC and are ARCS that need reviewing. Everything else comes from deals or boxes, as you will see below.



Empire of Storms by Sarah J Mass: I finally bought the hardcover! Unfortunately, the first 20 or so pages appear to have been bent somehow 😦

Mirage by Somaiya Daud: This is the signed, Owlcrate exclusive edition. I can’t wait to read this book though since it’s so similar to The Diabolic.


La Magnifique Grande Scené by Cuvie: Scored this manga on a Goodreads giveaway. It was a surprise for me because it was on kindle and I had yet to read a Kindle manga. Lo and behold, it’s exactly like reading manga online. I’m not sure why I expected any different.

Warcross by Marie Wu: Thanks to Goodreads Deals for this $2.99 score! I got the email early one September morning and jumped on it.

Fawkes by Nadine Brandes: Another $1.99 steal on amazon! This historical fiction was written by the most adorable author who put her heart and soul into this book. I cannot believe I got this book for so cheap! It’s only a year old!

And… that’s it! September is now over and October is here to stay! With my birthday coming up this Sunday, I have a lot of fun things to share with all of you so stay tuned!


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