Sunday at NYCC 2018

October 7th, 2018

My birthday! Celebrating 24 years my life the best way possible by going to New York Comic Con. This was the last year to do so but I celebrated the past 4 years at NYCC so I’m sad to see the opportunity go 😦

Unfortunately, I woke up sick as a dog. As I nursed my Cinnamon Apple spice tea, I took my time getting ready and went to meet up with my friend.

After arriving, it was such a wonderful experience. I endured the sickness and just took my time walking around. I met up with my sister who made an awesome Stevonnie cosplay and a Pumpkin to go with it.

Later on, I finally had the chance to try the Defender IPA beer that is offered at the Javits. For some reason, I had never drank at NYCC before so I was stoked for this. I actually ended up finished this drink while in line for the bathroom. Those were probably everyone’s biggest complaints.

Altogether, the day was awesome. I scored so much great stuff and definitely had an awesome birthday. I got this necklace (picture below) with the moon that is on my wedding date. It glows in the dark and is honestly a great quality.

After leaving the con, I headed home with my parents. Later on my husband took my out to my favorite place, Texas De Brasil. An amazing churasscaria joint where the food is always impeccable and I eat until I’m full. I’m a huge fan of buffets so I always jump on the opportunity to eat.

Now, on to the haul. I honestly am not a big FunkoPOP liker (I know, their eyes are just so freaky) but this Fluttershy one was screaming my name! I only ended up with 4 books this day, but I’m totally fine with that because my TBR shelf is overflowing.

All in all, I’m super happy with how the day turned out. I just wish they cut the Anime Fest crap out next year because it was honestly so much sadness to see my favorite booths being moved to a totally different location.

I look forward to seeing some of you at AnimeNYC next month! Let the con hype LIVE ON!


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