[BOOK REVIEW] Flowers in the Attic

Title: Flowers in the Attic
Author: V. C. Andrews
Pages: 411
Genre: Adult Fiction, Family Relations, Abuse
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Ah, the infamous book about incest. Every strange fiction enthusiast has read this book. Stealing an old copy from my mom, I finally sat down and read what all the fuss was about.

In short, there should be no fuss. This book is written over the course of two years and is about four children who are locked in an attic by their abusive grandmother. You think this would be intriguing but it was honestly just so boring I ended up just skimming most of it. The actual incest was literally a page with the children coping through this traumatic experience as being the main ordeal.

Actually, it has come to my attention that this book is one giant intro to the second book. Where apparently all hell breaks loose. I may come back this series just find out what the heck happens next. But for now, I will merely tell you of this book.

Oh No’s

Literally the grandmother constantly being on their cases about being naked in front of opposite sex. Literally her incessant jabbering about the laws and sins is probably what would have pushed Chris and Kathy to simply rebel against the grandmother. Although this is not how it happens exactly but it definitely had a hand in shaping who they will become in life.

The constant complaining from the twins was what this book was mainly about. I could not understand why these two kids would not shut up. They are supposed to be silent and yet these brats just continue to wail for the whole two years. It’s a wonder the maids didn’t hear them with echoing halls existing.

That ending was a surprise but I feel it was quite obvious for those who can easily predict these things. I won’t reveal it here but it thoroughly pissed me off that these kids did not escape earlier on in the book. It would have been so easy and they wouldn’t have had to go through so much abuse. But, they were simply naive kids in the end.


The character development was extremely specific especially when regarding Chris and Kathy and their respectful bodily changes. It actually seems to be aimed toward teenagers who are trying to understand themselves. I feel this book would have actually been a good read for me when I was younger and learning about feelings and the such. Although, I’m pretty sure this would not lead to any incestuous circumstances coming about from the readers as that really just didn’t flow in the romantic way.

That grandmother was hardcore to the bone. She didn’t bend for anything and only showed face twice. TWICE. That’s some dedication to being a horrible person. The perfect villain. The mother has a great development as well from being the caring mother to doing a 180• into the life she always wish she had.

All in all, I honestly do not recommend reading this book. But because the second book is better than the first, then maybe you could just read this review and go straight to Petals in the Wind. Or, message me for a summary of the end and you are literally good it go.

Favorite Quote

“Later on that day she [The Grandmother] came into our room bearing a clay pot of yellow chrysanthemums. Striving directly to me, she put the pot in my hands.

‘Here are real flowers for your fake garden…’

Pg 144

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  1. Great review! I’m planning on reading a few Gothic/horror novels next week, and I’ll be sure to steer clear of this one. But it’s interesting to learn about the character development. I remember this series as being popular at my high school, and while I never understood it at the time, it sounds like parts of it would appeal especially to teens.

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