[UNBOXING] October Owlcrate

It has arrived! As soon as I received my tracking email, I began to feel the excitement. Constantly checking the tracking each day until I finally heard the mailman and ran out to grab the package. This months theme was ‘Lost in the Bookstore‘ with the main selling point being the two hardcover books. Let me tell you, this box was heavy.

The first item I encountered was the book themed socks! Super cute and perfect for the upcoming cold season, these also had the words ‘Book Nerd‘ on the bottom. The next items was a pair of tea themed items. I’m recently getting into tea so these were perfect for me. The Tea Strainer is made of silicone and I love the color(purple). Only problem was a few of the holes were still sealed but that’s okay. The Tea was made by the Tea Spot and is Mint chocolate chip flavored. So good. I always eat this ice cream so I’m very interested to try this warm for work.

This next item I was super excited to see. I was actually considering buying another booksleeve from Bookbeau when this lovely canvas sleeve popped out of this box. Adorned with plants on one side and on the other, the quote, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Also included was an adorable Harry Potter print with the Mirror and Hedwig on it. Super cute and I’m currently using it as a bookmark.

Now, on to the first of the Hardcovers. Shadow of the Fox is a new Young adult novel based heavily on Japan. It seems the influence is greatly due to anime so we shall have to see how good this book is. In truth, i haven’t had the best of luck with these types of books so we must wait and see. The author’s personal note and bookmark are super cute though.

This play on Pride and Prejudice is titled greatly with the simply word, Pride. It is heavily inspired by modern day teens in NYC or Bushwick to be precise? I won’t be too sure until I read this novel. I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice so please bear with me when I read this one. I’m not sure what to expect but I do love the color scheme going on as well as the amazing artistry on the covers.

Altogether, this was an amazing box. Well worth the 35$ that includes shipping. It is one of the book boxes that just seems to add up in all the right ways. Go ahead and click the link down below if you are interested in purchasing one of these bad boys for next month. The theme is Rise from the Ashes and I’m so excited!

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  1. You know what? Seeing this gives me hope that book box subscriptions aren´t all rip offs. I´ve had so much bad luck with one particular subscription box provider. So much so that they´ve made me look in the opposite direction whenever I discover a new subscription box from someone else. I´m terrified. But I´ve also been eyeing the owl crate boxes for a while now and have been admiring all the goodies in those boxes. I´m so happy you´re enjoying your box! Looks like you´re going to be occupied for some time now. ❤

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    1. I thoroughly research my boxes and weigh how beneficial they are to me. Owlcrate is the biggest and most popular so the value will always be there. I also love to use them for my blog posts! I’ve found that fairyloot is the next best but it is in the UK and I’m not interested in paying that shipping

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      1. Shipping does play a huge role, you´re right. Fairyloot would be a better option for me because I´m stationed here in europe. The owlcrate does look like it´s worth the shipping costs, though. I did the Bookworm Box thing and paid a flipping fortune for not even half the items the owlcrate offers ( based on your review ).

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