[Book Review] The Supervillain and Me

Title: The Supervillain and Me
Author: Danielle Banas
Pages: 374
Genre: Romance, Action, Young Adult Fiction
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

This is an Advanced Readers Copy therefore some details may change when published including the quote at the end.

This is the Superhero story I never knew I needed. Abigail’s life is about to be turned upside down. After being saved by a mysterious superhero, the news shows he is actually the bad guy and not the savior she thought he was. Not only that, her brother is the famous Red Comet and new enemy of this mysterious supervillain. We follow Abby in her adventure as she works to uncover the truth behind this unknown man.

Superheroes and romance. What more could I ever want? This perfectly almost cliche novel is a comic book in disguise as a romance novel. Perfect for any teen who is into the whole Marvel fad that prevails today. This story will have you heart aching for more and I loved the mystery behind everything as well.

Oh No’s

The big reveal of who Iron Phantom is was not as great as it should have been. It wasn’t a connection that made sense to me. There were so many options that could have been but it was just simply underwhelming to me. Aside from that scene, I really enjoyed this novel’s story.

I hated Isaac’s character. He was obnoxiously rude and just overall a horrible person. His attitude was all over the place and I felt like his character wasn’t as consistent as I would have hoped. I wish there was a more jerkier character in his stead but alas I did not write the book. He is a character to look forward to reading about though!


The romance was so cute. I felt that Iron Phantom was just trying to find someone who can help and Abby was the perfect fit. I love that it was never a possibility that he has “used” her because Iron Phantom really just liked Abby and wanted to get to know her. His Supervillain-ness on the other hand, I will let you read about that.

I loved the superhero details of this world. Everything was built up really well and the reader was able to understand the world quite easily. As I mentioned before, this book is very simple so things were made to be understood.

The end is so worth reading this book for. I am really giving this book a 5 stars for how great the ending climax was. Everything fell into place so simply actually yes that’s the word that would perfectly describe this book. Simple! Straight to the point, not too much detail that your stuck in descriptions and dialogue.

Favorite Quote

“Scars say a lot about a person, you know. What you’ve been through. What you defeated before it defeated you. Your fears. Memories. Strengths. Weaknesses. The things you love, the things you hope will never slip away. They tell you a story.”

-Pg 293

Overall, this was an outstanding book and I’m so happy to have received an ARC for it from one of Goodreads giveaways. I cant stress it you guys enough, “You lose 100% of the chances you don’t take.” Get out there and join giveaways or vote or do whatever you set your mind to. Good luck and I will catch you all on the next page!

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  1. It’s a shame there aren’t more books that focus on the super villain, it gives for alot more twists and turns rather than the usual super hero couple dynamic!!

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