[Book Review] The Delusion

Title: The Delusion
Author: Laura Gallier
Pages: 316
Genre: Paranormal, Horror, Young Adult
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Just a warning, this book is about students committing suicide and a lot of death occurs throughout and is described as well.

The main character, Owen Edmonds, drinks some water one day and is somehow able to see shackles and chains on everyone he sees. He is also able to see things called Creepers, which are controlling his fellow classmates and egging them on to do heinous acts. It’s up to Owen to single-handedly figure out what is happening and how to fight against these monsters.

Oh No’s

First of all, Jess is a basic bitch whose boyfriend is obviously going through something seriously traumatic and her biggest worry is prom? Really? With everything going on in this school, she didn’t even worry about him and just waved off all of his problems. Also, she was a character I would have loved to just disappear but no, she was there throughout the entire book, reminding us of how basic she is.

This book took forever to read! I just wanted it to finish and it was torture to read. The story was good but it was not my cup of tea. I’ve never really got into the paranormal genre. This is actually reminiscent of Odd Thomas (although I’ve only seen the movie).

The buildup of the story led to a great climax scene. The situation was unexpected but greatly hinted upon throughout the novel. Although, the very end was horrible. A total cliffhanger for a supposed series that I have no interest in continuing in. Also there is no true answer to how to fight these creepers in the end. Owen still is pretty much unable to do anything significant, he is just simply able to keep the creepers at bay– kinda.


Ray Anne was a beam of sunshine in this dim book. Her attitude was great and to be honest, she stayed true to her religion throughout everything Owen told her. I respect that. She was also super sweet and stuck to her guns the entire time.

I imagined all of the creepers as No-Face from Spirited Away. This made the book quite enjoyable thinking a familiar face was attacking everyone. I hope anyone who reads this book, imagines this as well.


To be honest, this book was not as enjoyable as I wish it had been. There was a lot of potential but the constant high school bickering and temper tantrums got in the way of a good story. The thought process of this world of creepers and watchmen was astounding though and if you are looking for a paranormal read, this is right up your alley.

Favorite Quote

“I refuse to sit back or run in fear and leave it up to someone else to try and save these people.”

Pg. 295

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  1. The Odd Thomas Series is better than the movie I think. This book sounds disappointing and would not be one I would read. Though you may find one that is great!

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