[Monthly Reads] October Reviews

Introducing: Monthly Reads!

All of the reviews I’ve done in October summed up in to one easy post. Just a warning, I’m pretty sure this may look a little funky on the WordPress App and for that, I am sorry ♥

October was one of the longest months of my life. I moved to a new apartment, celebrated my 24th birthday, and started a new job! Throughout this time, I managed to keep up with this blog, which is a pretty big deal for me. This place has become my solace and I am just so happy that I discovered the book community.

To continue, I read a total of seven books in October.



Bonds of Love and Blood is a collection of short stories. These stories all have a similar theme and feel. These stories seem to almost connect together. It was easy to get lost in each chapter but at the end, you were always able to stop when you needed to go do something.

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     This is Where is Ends was a pervasive novel written from the standpoint of four high school students. This book is about a school shooting and is written as a Young Adult novel. Each of these students is somehow linked to the shooter and you read to find out how and why this is happening.

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Sky in the Deep was one of my favorite reads this month. Bringing me back in time to when Vikings had the lay of the land, we follow Eelyn and her journey to find answers in lands unknown. This novel had action, mystery, and romance all in one with a complete ending.

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  Flowers in the Attic was one of my least liked reads. After hearing about this book for so long, I thought it would be more anomalous but it was your run of the mill abuse story. Four children are locked in an attic and are told to fend for themselves. This book pretty much writes itself.

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        Breach is an upcoming novel about the Cold War with a twist. This book is all about magic users and how the Berlin Wall wasn’t just a wall to separate East and West Germany. There was way more to the tale than we ever knew. I really liked this take on history and it actually taught me a lot.

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      The Testament of Harold’s Wife is one that I strongly recommend if you enjoyed all of those books you read in high school. This adult fiction novel was strongly detail oriented but was a lot of fun to read. The beginning was great and dragged you in with the talks of Glitter Jesus but that is all I shall reveal for now.

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The Supervillian and Me is a great young adult novel with romance taking the lead genre. This is for all of those superhero fans who have been overwhelmed by the mass movie production industry. Those who have always wanted a superhero in their life can live out their fantasies in this adventure novel.

My book review


And… that sums up everything I have read! Feel free to send any questions about these books or anything in general, I’m always open!

Have a good day!

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