H+M x Moschino Launch


I had the honor of attending the launch on November 7 for the new collection between H&M and Moschino. This is a unique clothing launch of Disney blended with bling. This collections (dropped) on November 8, 2018 both in stores and on line.

The lines were a little too slow. I did arrive at 6:30 but didn’t enter the store until 8:30 with tiny groups being let in at a time. But, I feel each year H&M tries out something different with the lines so this year was probably just a fluke. The launch was hosted at the H&M on 5th Avenue. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks were served so an ID was required as well as an RSVP to the event.


After finally entering, I was greeted with champagne and a chocolate which were both devoured while exploring the collection. By the time I arrived, most of the collab had sold out but I still got a few pictures of the better selling pieces since I was able to stay till they brought out tomorrow’s replenishment.

As you can tell, they went for the DJ/Disney look with this collab which is a little weird but works for Jeremy Scott. The prices were on the high side with 39.99 being the lower price for everything, even the T-shirts. Many of the pieces went for 79.99 which was a ridiculous price for an H&M collab. The last one that dared to have these high of prices was Balmain’s collab 4 years ago.

In conclusion, I ended up buying nothing from the collection since by the time I got there, they were sold out of everything but the CD disk print. It was still an extremely successful evening for me though since I saw all my past coworkers (hence my extensive knowledge).

I do recommend taking a peek at this collection if you have the time (and money). The accessories ran fast but they usually do physically since they are the easiest to grab. Thank you all for stopping by and I will catch you on the next post!

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