[Monthly Reads] November Reviews

Back again with: Monthly Reads!

All of the reviews I’ve done in November summed up in to one easy post. Just a warning, I’m pretty sure this may look a little funky on the WordPress App and for that, I am sorry ♥

To continue, I read a total of six books in November.


. The Delusion is a horror novel. Owen is one day able to see chains coming from people’s heads. Not only that, he is able to see things called Creepers lurking about a sucking the souls out of people. But why is Owen the only person able to see this?

My book review


From Twinkle, with Love is a teenage novel about a prospective movie director named Twinkle Mehra. She has longed to make movies and is finally given the chance when a fellow student named Sahil approaches her with an idea to film a movie for an upcoming festival.

My book review


An Ember in the Ashes is an action & adventure novel about two opposing sides of the war. When Laia becomes a member of the resistance is told to go undercover as a slave in the most notorious school in the land, she meets Elias, the next to become the emperor of the land.

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Raymie Nightingale: Another great novel by Kate DiCamillo. Raymie joins a baton twirling class in order to win back her father. Instead, she finds two great friends who she will discover are the best she could ask for. The three embark on crazy adventures and continue to in a sequel novel.

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Crush is a coming of age novel centered around young love. Jorge is the quiet guy in school but soon he begins to develop feeling towards a fellow classmate. But, what is he to do when everyone around is going drama– crazy. Jorge will learn to help not only himself but those around him.

My book review


. The Beast’s Heart is a classic retelling of Beauty and the Beast. This story is told from the Beast’s perspective and how he handles being trapped in a castle his whole life. When Isabeau enters his castle, we watch their relationship unveil and see what truly happened within those walls.

My book review

And that was all she wrote! I also did a few tags which I will list below if you are interested! See you next month.

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