[Unboxing] December Owlcrate

Now presenting: The December Owlcrate box! 
: Power of Illusions
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Owlcrate is a monthly subscriptions box that runs for around $35 a month. Each month is a different theme and comes with a signed hardcover in every box. This month’s box was one of the best boxes I have received so far. You will always get your money’s worth in my opinion it’s just a matter of what tastes you have. Now, on to the unboxing!

Above are the first three items I encountered in the box.

The first is a soy candle that is blackberry/vanilla scented. So good. The title of this candle pertains to The Lunar Chronicles. I was not a fan of the first book but Ive heard wonderful things about the series.

The next item is one of my favorite items: A Reading Journal! Perfect for the new year. Track your reviews, TBRs, favorites, and monthly lists with this easy notebook. There seems to be an unlimited amount of pages so this isn’t just for a meesly 12 months. I don’t know if I will be using this journal as much as I wish but it’s the thought that counts.

The last is an excerpt of the novel King of Fools. This was a great idea and I’ve gotten into plenty of books by just reading excerpts. Unfortunately, I hate not read the first book so this wasn’t for me but I love the inclusion.

On to the next photo, we have an adorable wood ornament of the castle found in the novel The Crown’s Game. I have not read this book but now I sure as heck want to. The details are amazing on this and I can’t wait to actually have a tree sometime to decorate it with.

The other item in this photo is an adorable pastel carousel horse magnet! The book that inspired this was The Night Circus. When I say I squeeled at this find, I’m not lying. The pastel cuteness of this bag really won my heart. The other item in the photo is just the button that comes with the box. Her face was super scratched so she isn’t a happy camper.

Wow, wow, wow. Do you guys see this tote bag? The floral design is so beautiful and intricate. The quote on the tote bag was inspired by Caravel. One of my most least liked books but I can respect a good bag so this will be put to great use.

Time for the pièce de résistance! The signed hardcover titled Amber and Dusk by Lyra Selene. This is an Owlcrate exclusive cover and again with the pastels (just loving this box). I really like this cover way more than the regular cover which is browns and yellows.

This box also came with a necklace instead of a bookmark which was really interesting. The necklace is meant to be paired with the book to match that gorgeous cover.

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you all enjoyed my honest opinion of this amazing box. I really suggest trying this book box out if you want to get into subscription boxes or any book box in general.

Owlcrate actually just announced that they are replacing the mundane buttons (that I find meh) WITH ENAMEL PINS! I’m super excited for this because I collect adorable pins and always felt that this box could be a little bit better with them. So be ready for this next month and I will see you guys again on Friday!

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