[Book Review] The Betting Vow

Title: The Betting Vow
Author: K. M. Jackson
Pages: 342
Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Another lovely romance novel for those who wish to live their dreams of love through the pages of a novel. This story is about Leila Darling, a top model who is recovering from a recent breakup. She meets Carter Bain and embarks on a bet to marry the man for six months. Thus, the entertainment ensues.

Oh No’s

The dialogue was drawn out a little much in parts. Such the introduction between the two characters and the little in between scenes of description. They were greatly unneeded and could have been put to better use on more getting to know each other scenes.

The ending felt very rushed. I feel that the the book could have gone on for so much longer. The whole plot seemed to just come to a spontaneous end. I wish there had been a lot more than a hurried fight and ending of the bet their whole story was about. 


Leila is a bae and her description is perfect. I imagined her to look like Nafessa Williams a bit. Her character was so well thought out that I really loved her. The way she bonded with Carter was different and I enjoyed their playful banter as well.

Which leads to my next Yay. The romance was really cute between the two main characters. Leila and Carter were so great to watch bond and discover things about themselves. Also Carter liking Leila already made this like ten times cuter because he actually wanted this.


This was a cute romance novel that will pique your interest if you are into them. Also would be a great beach read since the pages are easy to read making it a fast page turner. 

A good recommendation for this book would be the Maid For Love by Marie Force.

Favorite Quote

“What you should know about me, Ms. Darling, is when I say I’m in, I’m in. “

Pg. 74

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