[Book Review] Red Rising

Title: Red Rising
Author: Pierce Brown
Pages: 411
Genre: Fantasy, Space, Action
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This is an Advanced Readers Copy. That means that this is not the final version of the book therefore some facts and quotes are subject to change in the published book.

Red Rising is an action packed novel based on extreme social class differences. We are introduced to a Red who discovers everything he works for has been because he is essentially a slave to the rest of the world (other colors). We then follow Darrow as he is turned into one of the highest colors on this world– Gold. The whole scheme was so interesting and even though I feel this book took a weird turn, it did finish the side plot and I might even pick up the second book to this series.

Oh No’s

As I said, the book’s plot took a weird turn to where the beautiful golds are then forced to make their own little tribes and pretty much kill each other in order to live. I just got so lost from there. This book started out so strong this weird hunting of all the prestigious golds was really weird. It seems to be due to the over-saturation of prime golds in the world but it just seemed very far fetched to me.

The words used in this world are all compound nouns with the second word being capitalized. This was so annoying to read since every word was pretty much made up. Continuing with the language, when we finally blend in with the Golds, all information is just put on a constant blast with minimal explanations. Mars, Hermes, Apollo, so many names for multiple tribes and people were just thrown in. I was more than confused at this point in the book that all of my interest just dropped. Luckily they kept up with the action so I was able to keep reading.


That beginning was so catching. We are introduced to Darrow, who is full of fire and love for his wife. As we watch Darrow be torn down, we are then able to watch him be built back up. Into a Gold. It was a learning experience for both Darrow and us as readers. What he learned, we learned with him.


This was a great story of revenge and how far someone will go for it. I really enjoyed the characters and their depth as well as the overall story line. Just be aware that the whole second half of the book is some hunger games type shit that makes no sense.

A similar recommendation for this book would obviously be The Hunger Games mixed with Battle Royale.

Favorite Quote

“Pax screams his name, and he screams mine as he conquers the citadel almost singlehandedly. He picks a boy up by the leg and uses him as a club.”


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  1. Oh no. I bummed you were confused and disappointed. This is one of my favorite books. I guess because I have read so many Star Wars books and other Science Fiction stories that it didn’t take me as long to catch on to the terminology. I love the part at the Institute because I thought the beginning was a little slow (even though I cried when Eo died) because that is when the action started.

    Will you read the second book Golden Son? That’s my favorite one of the series.

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