[Book Review] Select Few

Title: Select Few (Select #2)
Author: Marit Weisenberg
Pages: 377
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Superpowers
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This is an Advanced Readers Copy. That means that this is not the final version of the book therefore some facts and quotes are subject to change in the published book.

Julia Jaynes comes from a cult like family of people with extraordinary abilities. When she is able to finally escape from them (Book #1) she realizes she never really did. This leads to a crisis country trip to discover more about who she really is.

Oh No’s

Julia makes the worst decisions. Like honestly, it was just constant selfish decision after the next that was obviously going to turn out wrong. Not telling John anything and at the same time demanding he follow her every order was obviously going to blow up sooner or later. This is why we don’t keep secrets, children.

Angus is just an asshole the entire time and constantly manipulates Julia. This is a classic almost abuse tactic so please do not think that Angus did anything for her. He was even more selfish than she was and made it all seem like it was his idea in the end.


I loved finding out what John is thinking throughout Julia’s travels. We are introduced to John being trapped somewhere and hoping that Julia is listening. He tells her the truth of what happened while they were separated. In the book, these blurbs coincided with what happened in the story so it was really cool to see that interaction.

One thing I loved is that this was better than the first book. This book had everything already established and the big plot go down. We now follow the characters after their seperation from the Puri lifestyle but they are still afraid of what might be out there.


This was a great sequel to the first. It turns out this is a duology so we actually got an end to the story. I really recommend this series if you are looking for kids with supernatural abilities.

If you enjoyed this novel, check out: The Slayers Series by C.J. Hill

Favorite Quote

“I hope you can hear me, but I don’t want you to hear me because it would mean you’re nearby. And I want you close, but I don’t want you anywhere near this mess.”


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