[Book Review] Amber and Dusk

Title: Amber & Dusk
Author: Lyra Selene
Pages: 359
Genre: Young Adult,
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

This is one of my last Owlcrate reads that I have saved up. This is the exclusive cover and it is also signed by the author. But, do not let this lovely cover deceive you. This book is lacking in ways you will soon discover. It took me a whole week to read this novel when it would normally take two days. I just could not bring myself to finish this.

Slyvie is on the run from the sisters who kept her trapped in their home. She believes that she belongs somewhere else– The Amber City. But, she soon discovers that this city is not what it seems. Slyvie will be thrown into a world totally different from her own and it is soon up to her help it (apparently).

Oh No’s

The author really wanted this book to literally be about Amber and Dusk. Like, really wanted this whole novel to be about all word combinations that could be made about these two words. It actually got really annoying really fast. She then went on to just throw in words she created on her own. Kembric-flecked what does this mean? Dristic? This author just came up with words every chance she got. I mean they were unique but I just need a solid definition for them and not constant assumed understanding of their usage.

 Why was Slyvie so angry at Sunder? Her animosity was so uncalled for at times that it caused quite a few cringe worthy moments.  Then, four-fifths of the way through the book, their tastes in each other do a 180. I would have understood it more if their was something between them other than constant hatred.

This next oh no could be considered a SPOILER so you can scroll ahead to Yay’s.

How was [she] so powerful suddenly after not being able to conjure anything to suddenly making replica after replica? And by [she] I’m talking about Slyvie. The whole book she is struggling with her powers and even at the end the best she can do is a five second illusion. Then suddenly in the boss battle she is the ultimate magic weaver and can just create amazing illusions and continuously fight throughout…


I love that we were able to jump right into the action of the novel. We are instantly thrust into a world unlike our own. The beginning shows us the lives of those outside of the castle and really is one of the best opening chapters that I have read in a book in a long while. It’s actually something I find really lacking in the book community but this book passes! I actually suggest reading this book just for the lovely opening.

I loved the characters and the concept of legacies. Each person has some sort of power that shapes who they are and their name so it was really fun learning people’s names and trying to figure out what their power could be. The magic in this world was very interesting to read about and I really thought the world building was well thought out.


This was a very interesting book. It actually reminds me a lot of another hugely hyped novel that was also greatly lacking. *cough* Caravel *cough* Aside from their weirdly similar feel, these two were great young adult novels honestly for those that really are young adult. 

This novel is very similar to not only Caravel but also Girls of Paper and Fire.

Favorite Quote

Dristic streaks in the hair of a frowning Skyclad captain.

A tumble of black curls above kembric-flecked eyes.”

Pg. 21

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