[Book Review] Illuminae

Title: Illuminae
Author: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Pages: 599
Genre: Space, Action & Adventure, Young Adult
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Told through a series of recovered files, we follow Kady Grant and her ex-boyfriend Ezra Mason as they escape from their homeworld. Once aboard a fleet of ships, they catch word that something isn’t right. There are talks of a virus and the artifical intelligence aboard one of the ships isn’t responding to coding. It’s up to Kady Grant to figure out what is true within these rumors and how she can survive.

Oh No’s

The timeline doesn’t seem to match up in the end. And in order to avoid spoilers I will not go into detail. But someone supposedly went missing only to be revealed still alive but where were they during that missing time with no communication? Confusing? I know.

There was a major spoiler for the series at the end. I feel it was placed there to encourage us to continue with the series but to me I feel it totally slipped the carpet of mystery out from underneath me. It just revealed the biggest plot twist that I wish I could have just read in the next novel.


I loved the way it was written. Excerpts from papers, security footage, reports, IMs, comms, the list goes on and on. It was definitely a unique way to tell a story. The different pages made this book feel like it was a lost archive.

Every twist and turn had me going. Every mystery was perfectly handled and I loved the depth this book went into with the characters. The mystery was built up perfectly and I loved the whole story. I will definitely be going on to read the rest of the series when I get a chance.


I was able to read this book in one day! I just could not put this book down, I had to keep reading to find out what is going to happen.

Very similar to Lightless by C. A. Higgins.

Favorite Quote

Erza Mason: Okay. Well for the benefit of the sight-impaired, I am now raising my… oh, dear… yes, it’s my middle finger at Mr. Postgrad here.

Interviewer: Mr. Mason…

Ezra Mason: Now I’m wiggling it.”

Pg. 39

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