Harry Potter and The Cursed Child | The Broadway Play

IT HAPPENED! I finally was able to watch this almost 5 hour long play with my mom and sister. It was so amazingly wonderful and magical beyond belief!

We were in the 3rd to last row and let me tell you, we were still close enough to feel the fire on stage! Do not let seats deter you especially since this play is definitely on the pricier side. This was my mom’s Christmas present for us so that was lucky!

This is EXACTLY like the book (script). I could probably have taken the book out and followed along. The actors are also phenomenal. Halfway through Albus’ actor changed and I didn’t even notice till the end when my mom pointed it out during intermission.  One more thing, these are teenagers playing these roles. The fact that I wasn’t able to tell the difference between those two teenage actors is phenomenal on their part.

The magical effects. Oh my god. You need to see this play just to be mystified with how many effects they managed to throw in. There is somehow a pool of water under the stage! And the effects in certain time changes blew my mind. It honestly felt like I was actually thrown into the world of Harry Potter. It was like going to Universal all over again.

Take a look at this amazing bookshelf I spied in one of the shops inside the theater! You can always find books in your surroundingsThey had little shops around the theater which in itself was also decorated to the nines in Harry Potter. The carpet had Hs on it and there are winged creatures all over.

The damage. I scored a tote ($20 RIP), a pin, a bookmark, a souvenir cup, a postcard, a button, and both play bills. The book was mine. I could not get over how much Harry Potter stuff they had for sale as well. Hats, Scarves, and shirts for every house as well as a selection of wands.


To conclude, this play is 10/10. I highly recommend if you are a Harry Potter fan to go see this play. I understand that the book is all over the place and it is in the play as well but it just makes more sense if you visually watch these characters and their emotions. I promise it will be so much more lovable.

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