[Book Review] Strange the Dreamer

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Title: Strange the Dreamer
Author: Laini Taylor
Pages: 532
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The summary for this novel is so confusing that I was totally turned away from reading this novel. But then I saw cute bookmarks where the main characters are blue and now I’m super interested. And that’s the story of why I started reading this novel. I just wish the main character’s name wasn’t Lazlo Strange… Continuing on, we follow this Lazlo as he finally journeys to the place he has been obsessed with for how whole life. Once there, he finds people who are blue! And that is all I shall reveal.

Oh No’s

The first chapters are all just filled with information dumping. I did not care for an entire history about a world I have no reason to care about. And the explanations were also repetitive. “The Golden godson.” Okay we get it the two characters are opposites. One paragraph explanations would have done quite nicely. All throughout the book it was this repetative nature that kept adding on minute details. Like suddenly there is a mist that turns everyone into a god and it was just thrown in there like nothing.

I did not care for the ending either. Once again, this is another ‘To Be Continued.’ Although, I was prepared for it since the next book is always shown with this one. I loved the twist at the end but everything felt very stretched out. I just did not care for it and the romance.


The blue characters kept me going. Their part was so interesting even though some of the stories seem to contradict each other. I loved learning about their world and how it came to be. Every time I got to one of their chapters, I was so excited to read them just to find out more about them. It was like two totally different stories but this one is so good.

Halfway through was when it finally started pick up. I always have such a slow start with these Young Adult reads. Especially with all that info dumping but once the characters finally start interacting it really becomes a great read. I do recommend reading this if you are into a long haul mystery.


I’m not sure how this could be anyone’s favorite novel but I respect the amount of thought that went into this story. In short it’s just about blue people and weird powers. But, I may reasd the second if it sopmehow is found to be extremely discouinted or gifted in some way to me.

Favorite Quote

“‘You’re lucky it didn’t take your head off,’ said Sarai, hefting it back to him.

‘Very lucky. I got enough grief for a broken nose. I’d never hear the end of a lost head.’

A small laugh escaped Sarai. ‘I don’t think you hear very much, if you lose your head.'”

Pg. 310

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